Bizbike Portfolio


Concepts, online & offline, applied branding, photography, photo editing, copywriting, planning, timing, testing

Employer branding

Concepts, packaging, copywriting, product design, price offers & delivery times, originality, illustrations, follow-up & planning.

Branding & brand development

Online & offline, applied branding, photography briefing, photo editing, copywriting, planning, timing, testing. Product photography & lifestyle photography

Brand guides

copywriting, brand building, guidelines

Printed matter

Catalogues, Manuals (Technical know-how), Forms, copywriting, photography, planning & timing

UI, UX and Apps

Concepts, testing, feedback

Video & animation

Tutorials, After effects, lottie files, animography, video editing, content editing, copywriting, video briefings


Conveying messages and complicated information, content management, illustration, concepting

Advanced image development and editing

Isometric plans, vectorisation, clipping paths, color grading, photoshop illustrator etc.